Private charter solutions for musical tours

Upgrade your musical tour

Tours are a critical activity for musicians. At the same time, they are very tiring. So upgrading your musical tour by hiring a private jet gives you the best of made-to-measure transportation without the stress of commercial airline travel. As soon as your gig is finished, you can relax and focus on the next stop in your musical tour. Chartering a private jet has a positive impact on the morale of the band and thus on the audience.

Musical charters offer various benefits:

  • Wide choice of aircraft for your band, managers and technicians
  • No lost fly cases or baggage
  • Privacy and discretion ensured

One tour, one charter

When you charter a private jet, you can get to your tour at any remote location whenever you want. You do not have to rely on anyone else’s schedule, only yours. When flying with Business Jets, you will experience privacy, you will not be hassled by unexpected guests who may recognize you and your musical instruments will be handled with utmost care. And if you need a specific aircraft for the entire duration of your tour, take a look at our leasing options.

Organize your schedule as you wish:

  • Depart when you want. Arrive when you want
  • Privacy and discretion ensured
  • Handling your instruments with utmost care

Charter solutions for music lovers

At Business Jets, we are keen on maintaining frequent contact with the band’s manager to ensure everything goes well. In case of an unexpected event, all you have to do is call us to make modifications to the formerly planned schedule. The personal assistant we have provided for you will work behind the scene to accommodate your needs and wants.

Tailor-made solutions mean:

  • Amend your schedule 24/7
  • Ability to manage late night departures and arrivals
  • Full support: customs, immigration, ground transfer…

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