Group air charter solutions

Sport group charter

Whether you are flying in a group to support your favorite team or playing the game of your life, nothing should come in your way. Business Jets is accustomed to providing a high level of professionalism, organization and the discretion needed to offer our clients the smoothest and the most reliable travel experience. Business Jets provides group air charter solutions to sport teams, world-wide known athletes and sport personalities.

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Musical tour air charter

Musical tours requires meticulous organization from the choice of the aircraft, to custom clearance, special meal requirements and limousine hotel transfer. Business Jets will take care of everything in close relation with the band manager.You will be able to get the most of aircraft transportation. Thanks to a fully dedicated assistant, you will be able to face any change of plans and provide the band a quick response to any given situation so that musicians can focus on their art.

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Air charter for orchestra

Air transport is like music where everyone needs to be tuned together to provide the most comfortable experience. When moving from one concert hall to another, people and instruments need to receive the utmost care. When booking an air charter for your orchestra with us, our trusted partners will provide the most comfortable solutions to fly from city to city and we will also provide qualified individuals to take care of your equipment.

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Religious air charter

A quiet and introspective experience is what makes the difference between a regular flight and a religious pilgrimage. Business Jets can arrange religious air chartered trips to any place of worship in the world. Behind the scene, Business Jets will take care of every detail. From dedicated places to pray at the airport to religious pictures in the aircrafts or special catering needs, we are able to take into consideration every angle of any given religious sensibilities. Like in our business, we know better than anyone that nothing can be left to chance when it comes to religion.

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MICE group charter: Meeting, Incentive, conference and event flight solutions

Moving a large group of people to a meeting or conference in time is always a challenge we are delighted to take on. Business Jets offers creative group charter solutions to meet all needs. The entire service can be branded with your image or the image of your company. From the catering to special headrest, passengers will experience a fully custom travel. Once at the airport, we can ensure a transit solution to the meeting hall or the hotel where the conference is held.

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Government and official delegations air charter

Business Jets organizes air charters for government officials where security and confidentiality are guaranteed. Whether you need a small helicopter on short notice for a negotiation meeting or a large fleet of aircrafts for an election campaign, Business Jets has a tailor-made air charter solution for you.

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