Religious tour charters

Religious tour: strengthen your faith, reduce stress

A religious tour is a spiritual journey and your flight should leave you as much time as possible to think. Business Jets provides direct flights to the place of worship or the conference center of your choice. With the religious tour charter, we handle the logistics related to your flight : customs, immigration, and VAT exemption forms. When you land in a foreign country, we can provide you an interpreter or a personal assistant who can handle every aspect of the everyday routine.

We work for you behind the scene:

  • Direct flights to places of worship
  • On-site support with a personal assistant and if needed, an interpreter of your choice
  • Full ground service including airport transfer

A made-to-measure religious charter flight

When you charter a religious flight with Business Jets, we provide door-to-door service. Before departure, we can pre-arrange hotel bookings for you and your group as well as a hotel transfer upon arrival. Then, we bring you to the conference center or your place of worship. Anywhere you go, there will always be someone speaking a language of your choice and taking care of you. And in case you have an unscheduled event, all you have to do is call us and we will make the necessary route changes.

With Business Jets, you never have to be alone:

  • 100 % fully changeable schedule and route
  • Full ground service including airport transfer
  • 24/7 available personal assistant

Charter the right aircraft for your tour

Whether you organize a religious tour with worshippers or a flight to an international religious gathering, we can provide you with the aircraft you need for your tour. From a small turboprop, capable of landing in nature, to a big airliner for 150 passengers, we will find a suitable aircraft for you to charter. Also, we can brand the aircraft and customize the cabin as you like. Last but not least, we can arrange catering according to the sensitivity of each member.

We take care of everything and everyone:

  • Large choice of aircrafts from turboprops to VIP airliners
  • Branded aircraft with customized headrest covers and multimedia content
  • Personalized catering according to your needs

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