Hire a helicopter: leasing solutions for individuals and professionals

Single or twin turbine helicopter?

Helicopter leasing has dramatically increased the last years due to demands from the oil and gas industry, especially for offshore operations. Search and rescue, medical transport and tourist tours are also popular among lessors. If you are interested in leasing a helicopter, you can choose between single or twin turbines.

Apart from the difference in price, a twin-turbine helicopter flies faster than a single-turbine helicopter and can access restricted zone where a single turbine is forbidden to fly, such as mountains or oversea areas. The reason is simple. On a twin-turbine, if one of the helicopter engines stops working, the other engine is usually sufficient enabling the helicopter to return to its base and land without any problems.

Hire a helicopter: fly free, take no risks

Whether you hire a helicopter or own one, you can enjoy the freedom of flying. The only difference between hiring and owning a helicopter is the level of risk which is lower when hiring one. Depending on your goal, you can access a wide range of helicopters without the pain of managing it.

“Fly free, take no risks” means something:

  • No residual value: since the helicopter does not belong to you, depreciation is not a worry
  • No financial risk: all fees are clearly defined before you sign the contract
  • Fly free: access your helicopter on short notice

Our hiring solutions

A helicopter’s base of operation needs to be close to where you want to take off from. With our worldwide network, you can source helicopters anywhere in the world. Wherever you may be, there will always be a helicopter waiting for you.

Our network also allows us to provide you with fully personalized financial options. Depending on your budget and strategy, we can find the most suitable option for you. We can negotiate the minimum hours required, as well as maintenance and operational charges to provide you with block hours at the best possible price.