Hire an aircraft: short-term and long-term leasing options

Aircraft leasing, enjoy freedom and flexibility

If you need an aircraft regularly, then leasing is the perfect option. You can enjoy the flexibility of owning an aircraft without the heavy charge of ownership. Whether you are an operator facing a sudden peak in demand, a delegation on an inspection tour or a political party campaigning, leasing an aircraft is ideal. Business Jets offers flexible leasing programs depending on the aircraft you want and the flying hours you need.

Hire a private plane: lease or charter?

When you hire an aircraft, the aircraft picks you up wherever you are and brings you back to your home base. This costs money and if you fly regularly, expenses can easily get out of control. With our leasing program, you can enjoy the pleasure of having an aircraft at your convenience from the home base you want. For example if you are flying regularly from London, then you can base the aircraft in London to reduce the overall price. Leasing is the best option to enjoy full flexibility and get full control over expenses.

Aircraft leasing: ACMI and block hours solutions

Business Jets provides a wide range of ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) solutions for all types of planes, from small turboprops to executive airliners. As we work with various clients from different countries, we understand what a leasing solution should or should not include. This is why our aircraft leasing offers are personalized. On your behalf and as per your needs, we will negotiate block hours, fuel and airport charges, and crew accommodation.