Hire a private jet: leasing solutions for individuals and professionals

Private jets leasing solutions

Leasing solutions are profitable for persons who fly more than 50 hours per year and who do not wish to fully own a jet. If you lease a private jet, you do not pay any acquisition fees and you will be able to access the private jet on short notice when you need it. You can lease a jet from 1 month up to 10 years. During that period, you will have to fly a certain amount of hours, depending on your contract. Whether you need a small private jet or an airliner, we can provide you with a tailor-made solution.

Fees and expenses when hiring a jet

Here are the fees to consider when hiring a jet:

  • Initial deposit to cover the first flying hours
  • Indirect operational cost: hangar use, crew salaries and crew training
  • Direct operational costs: maintenance, landing fees, VIP services, fuel, hourly rent
  • Other fees: рourly fuel fee (in case you fly less than one hour), fuel tax surcharge, ground transportation, international fees if applicable

Thinking of hiring a private plane? Here is our value proposition

We have a large database of partners who offer different hiring solutions. It enables us to find the right hiring option for you, depending on your hiring needs. Our team of experts are fully involved in monitoring our network around the clock so they can provide you the latest available option. Whether you are an individual or a commercial company, you will benefit from the flexibility of our hiring solutions.

We guarantee you the following:

  • An all inclusive and clear offer: no hidden costs, no additional fees
  • Perfectly secured aircrafts: all our partners are certified operators
  • Live monitoring: you get the most up to date available options