Aircraft management and charter solutions

A global service for aircraft owners

The management service is designed to help plane owners maximize the return on their asset. Whether you are a corporation or an individual, if you want to charter your aircraft for profit, finding the best operator is critical. Our management service helps you do just that.

Though Business Jets is not an operator, we can still find you the best service provider as per your strategy and needs. If you want to use your aircraft privately, we can assist you in finding the best country to register your aircraft and the most suitable operator.

Management services for corporations and individuals

If you need your aircraft for personal or corporate use, we can assist you in finding the best country to register it. Some countries offer significant tax reductions for owners and a fast registration process. Neutral jurisdictions like for example Aruba or the Caymans will be more beneficial if you regularly fly to foreign countries.

We can also assist you in finding the best operator. Some operators manage the operational portion of your flights, while others have an integrated CAMO department, allowing them to perform annual aircraft maintenance. Depending on your budget and your strategy, we will find for you the most suitable operator.

Creative services for commercial use of aircrafts

If you wish to reduce the overall fees of ownership, you can charter your aircraft through an AOC-certified operator. If so, then you will need to change your aircraft’s status and register it under an operator’s AOC. With our management services, we can help you choose the best operator, depending on the base of operation you want and the financial conditions offered by AOC holders.

Thanks to our extended database of clients, we can provide you with the right number of clients to cover your aircraft fees. Using an exclusive sale agreement, clients flying your aircraft will provide you with a source of income to help fulfill your strategy.