Find a jet for sale or a jet to buy

Find a jet to buy

A jet is the best way to fly according to your own schedule. You can access any point in in the world without compromise. If you fly a lot, buying a jet is a good option. You will have a 24/7 access to your aircraft and you won’t have to go through unpleasant airport and commercial airline experience. If ownership is too expensive for you, take a look at our leasing solutions.

A private jet is a fantastic asset to buy:

  • Reach any point in the world on your own terms
  • The jet price does not depreciate as fast as most assets
  • Worldwide network of certified sellers

A worldwide marketplace to buy or sell planes

When you are looking for a light aircraft to buy or sell your own aircraft, our website is the place where you want to be. Our database has a lot to offer from turboprops to large business jets that you can buy. Business Jets also offers planes for sale from a large number of trusted partners from all over the world. If you are interested in having your aircraft in our database to sell, contact us.

Benefit from an extended network of professionals:

  • Deep asset and market analysis to ensure the most competitive prices
  • Worldwide network of certified sellers
  • Minimal markup for maximal profits

I have a jet. How do I sell it?

To sell your jet, it’s simple. We upload your aircraft in our database after we assess the price together, analyzing the current market and evaluating the maintenance history of your jet. Business Jets has a large database of aircraft dealers and potential buyers from all over the world. And in addition to that, we run cross-platform advertisements. Not only do we sell your jet using our database but we also sell by phone and email campaigns.

Give your jet the best chance to reach a client:

  • Cross-channel advertising of your aircraft
  • Potential buyers from North America, Russia, the ex-CSI Republics and Europe
  • Integral asset management from tech specs analysis to demonstration flight